ArchiCULTURE – Official Trailer


One of our first posts on Futures+, almost 2 years ago now, was our first glimpse into the filming of ArchiCULTURE.  A short documentary about the lives of several thesis design students at Pratt, by far the hardest year for any architecture student.  It was three years in the making and the film crew spent countless hours in studio following these students and interviewing some of today’s top architects.  Finally a glimpse into the academic animal that is known as studio!  Check it out after the jump!

YEAR: 2013

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Columbia Center for Competitive Rowing- Gillian Shaffer & Justin Hattendor, Pratt

Check out this sweet boathouse from Gillian and Justin from Pratt.  Created to celebrate racing as well as provide space for administrative functions and training, the building is created through intersecting arches.  Check it out!

STUDENTS: Gillian Shaffer & Justin Hattendor
SCHOOL:  Pratt Institute
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Rethink / Reclaim / Recharge – Irina Vinnitskaya + James Freeman

We head into the weekend with a submission from Irina Vinnitskaya and James Freemen of their gradate thesis Rethink/Reclaim/Recharge.  Taking a deeper look at the urban voids created through time of forgotten cities decaying from the industrial collapse.  The project takes on the challenges of reclaiming abandoned spaces to reintegrate them into our social fabric. To make an attempt to confront the economic problems we are coming to terms with in America.

SCHOOL: Pratt Institute
STUDENT: Irina Vinnitskaya + James Freeman
COURSE: Graduate Thesis 
YEAR: 2011

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The Circus on the Edge- Guillermo Bernal, Pratt Institute

Today we are coming at you with a project that pushes the boundaries of parametric and algorithmic architecture into a growing and responsive system.  The project is designed to move and grow with the ebb and flow of the everyday life, and thrives on the edge to create new connections and paths as it begins to weave and fragment the spaces of everyday life.  The thesis provokes a philosophical conversation of what it means to connect the old with today’s reality; with these temporary fragments that are dictated by this uncomfortable fluctuation of an invasive mechanical design.

STUDENTS:  Guillermo Bernal
PROFESSORS:  Yael Erel and Christoph Kumpusch
SCHOOLPratt Institute
CLASS: Thesis
YEAR: 2009-2010

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