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Today we’re showing what may seem as a more basic project.  But there’s a great design sense in this project from Isaac and Noah at Kent State.  The small decisions that shaped the design of the building really create a great sense of place that we really appreciate.  Also, there model looks aces, check it out.

STUDENTS: Isaac Ocasio and Noah Shroyer
Kent State University
PROFESSORS: Charles Harker
COURSE: Kent States University’s Integrated Design Competition 


“The goal for this fourth year design studio project was to design the new Headquarter office building for our client Macrofirm. The building was to be 225,000 square foot. Requirements included 25,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, 40,000 square feet of tenant office space, 140,000 square feet of prime office space and a 20,000 square foot x-factor. The site for this project is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, right next to the Burke-Lakefront Airport.


With the main goal of the Burke-Lakefront Master plan focusing on the re-activation of the lakefront, this project had the potential to create the sense of place necessary to serve as a new lakefront destination. Having chosen site B, the project had a plethora of assets to draw from. The site had it’s drawbacks, such as the flight path and the restriction of development with the U.S.S. Cod. In effect, the design would take what would be thought of as a hindrance with the Cod and transform the site into a warm and welcoming destination that addresses the Cod in a respect of the past but also looking towards the future.


While our client Macro-firms  initiatives are being tested and developed within the main building, their sustainable living initiative Is being exemplified within the 20,000 X-factor annex: The Winter Garden. The annex contains both a historical tie to the U.S.S. Cod located behind the structure, but also contains an “active arcade.” With the active arcade, many will be drawn to the complex to experience a multimedia gaming experience that encourages physical activity. In the entry area of the Winter Garden, there are panels with historical context of the Cod as well as seating planters. In this way, those in pursuit of the gaming level will be exposed to the historical context of the Cod. The entry also serves as a shelter to those waiting for the water taxi and admission to the Cod.


Overall, the Winter Garden along the Lake Erie boardwalk attracts visitors to the lakefront with its active arcade as well as honors the historical context of the Cod. In effect, the lakefront is reactivated while holding to Macro-firms commitment to sustainable living.

board3Within the 205,000 square foot building we were required to further develop a 4000 square foot tenant office space, referred to as the 4k office space. The 4K Office was designed to create a sense of openness and a relaxed atmosphere for those working while at the same time maintaining a sense of privacy from incoming visitors. This is accomplished through the orientation of the spaces within the office, solid walls and shifting of ceiling heights. By introducing a two story 4K office space, the open office, waiting area and secretary/reception area are able to be double height spaces. By introducing these double height spaces, these areas having a more welcoming work environment as well as maximum day-lighting.

imageAnother benefit of having a two story work space is that the President and Vice President have a separate entrance to the office, which allow them to go and come as they need without disturbing the rest of the office. In addition, this offers the executive staff a high level of privacy. On the second level of the 4K office, there is the President, Vice President, Executive secretary and the large conference room, all of which require a high sense of privacy.


This fourth year design studio project was complete by Isaac Ocasio and Noah Shroyer. Partnered up for the semester we competed in Kent States University’s 2013 Integrated Design Competition and took third place.”

FUTURES+ Original Submission


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