Above The River – Jean-Paul El Hachem

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Today, we’re showing an F+ original, from Jean-Paul, at Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.  His design for a cultural center is based on the idea of stitching the chaotic urban environment of Dbayeh with the natural setting of Naher El Kaleb.  The design uses integrated green spaces to create a transition between the 2 areas, creating a flowing environment.  Check it out.

STUDENT: Jean-Paul El Hachem
USEK – Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Fall 2012

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“My architectural intervention comes to sew the existing crack between the urban and chaotic city of dbayeh and the virgin nature of naher el kaleb.  On one side the urban fabric of dbayeh and in the other, the virgin morphology of naher el kaleb.


How to create an interaction between these two tissues?  The cultural center, a project supported by a mesh of filaments above the river,creates the link between Dbayeh and Naher el kaleb.

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These filaments stitch both tissues and hang the volume which is surrounded by a forest of green spaces. These Structures are fed from solar energy to produce electricity for the project.  The elevation of the volume creates a green public space that works in summer as in winter.

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The project is divided to three areas that’s separated by the river from the left side and the road that’s integrated in the project from the right side, creating a space for workshops, the cultural center and the public exhibition space.” -Jean-Paul El Hachem



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