Futures + Design – Boston Strong!


Last week was crazy in Boston and we know it wasn’t easy to focus on studio work, especially all you archy’s in Boston. Our hearts go out to you as we know the long nights and countless days in studio are growing close to an end.  F+ is right here to help you find that last minute inspiration.  Once your reviews are done, and you get some shut eye, let us showcase your work, or even suggest a college that we should check out!

F+ was created with the idea of showcasing designs and ideas from students around the world.  We feel strongly that academic design should not be limited to your fellow classmates and school.  We seek to incite conversation between students, designers, and professors alike.  Don’t be afraid to comment on the work …BE A CRITIC.  F+ wants to help push forward-thinking design that is being cultivated in schools around the world.

The blog has grown quickly.  F+ is getting views from around the globe and we are constantly speaking with new students, professors, and designers.  We want to continue to reach out and ask that you help spread the word about F+ at your college, and to encourage your classmates, students, and friends to submit their designs.



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