Lead Flow – Alexander Liew


Alexander Liew model alone is what really drew us to checking out this project. The model is rough and yet at the same time extremely playful in its architectural elements. We often lose ourselves in the world and precision of 3D modeling and laser cutting, to the point of forgetting material integrity in design. Models are not to be a perfect representation of your 3D model, but a continuation of your design language and material use. Alexander’s model impressed us by the material exploration of tying the old Canterbury Cathedral into his regeneration design. Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Alexander Liew
Canterbury School Of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Rob Nice & Allan Atlee


“Canterbury Cathedral is under regeneration. The fabric of the Historical building is the final destination for religious pilgrimages. My Project ‘Lead Flow’ is based upon a process of retrieving, melting and casting scrap lead from the cathedrals roof.

Through the process, a bespoke piece of lead plate is inserted into a facade, then taken by the community and pressed into the grounds of the Cathedral, the lead sits in the voids between the cobble stone, marking the end of the pilgrims way.” – Alexander Liew

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