Rio Olympic Kit – Ione Braddick


Every two years we hear and see a city being consumed with new construction for either the winter or summer Olympic Games.  In Beijing China we heard about the massive evictions and destruction in order to make way for Olympic buildings.  In London we got to see the same developments in London’s East side, and in Russia we are hearing how the Sochi mayor is promising snow.  What if the necessary Olympic buildings were only temporary,where the impact wouldn’t be permanent?  We came across Ione Braddick take on the Rio Summer Games on Instagram. The project explores creating a new legacy for the Olympic Games through creating temporary structures for the Olympic Games.  Truly an exciting and fun project to check out after the jump!

STUDENT:  Ione Braddick
Bartlett School of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Johan Berglund and Josep Mias
5th Year


“This project began as an investigation into the structures and infrastructures that were developed before, during and after the London Olympic Games 2012. Exploring the topic of global transportation of the Olympic Games, an Olympic Kit of Parts was developed as an initial model that could be transferred from host city to host city with the main venues and infrastructural systems needed, and through this began to try and understand the temporary versus permanent nature of the architecture surrounding the month long event in London.
IMG_7964 alteredIMG_8129 adjusted IMG_5572 ALTEREDThe question of legacy is one that I believe can be addressed far more wholeheartedly through the temporary structures of the Olympics. Looking forward to Rio de Janeiro 2016, I started to explore the possibility of the dismantling of the London Olympic Stadium and it’s transportation, re-construction, and deconstruction for future use in the city of Rio.

IMG_8835 photo (10) Stadium procession

IMG_8576 1 IMG_8562 1Whilst this initially began as a light-hearted proposal of transporting the construction pieces of the London stadium through the streets of Rio, in homage to the Rio Carnival floats and procession, my design and thesis are now focused on the redesign of the Olympic Stadium, and it’s subsequent division, transportation, and reconstruction with a variety of programmatic possibilities. I hope to be able to offer another form of Olympic legacy, one that is structural and architectural, and yet can act as a catalyst for social, economic and local growth, with a continuous visual legacy living on in Rio through the careful and considered reuse of temporary structures.​” – Ione Braddick

IMG_9957 IMG_8838

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