Borgh dël Fum Projects – Simone Callea

Gradenigo Hospital

Simone Callea thesis is an attempt at bringing a mixed use program to renew the “Borgh dël Fum Projects” in Turin.  Turin is a city that has been left with vast complexes from the 2006 Winter Olympics to the old FIAT Factory, and pushing to modernize and revitalize parts of the city.  While studying at the Polytechnic University of Turin myself, we played with designing the new train station based on the master plan by Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas. Simone project pushes the live, play, and work model into large spanning urban renewal plan and integrating sustainable design.  The programs are not clearly defined as public and private spaces blend together creating smaller neighborhoods within the structure.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Simone Callea
Polytecnhnic University of Turin
PROFESSOR: Paolo Mellano and Alessandro Fubini
COURSE:  Thesis / Floornature International Architecture Contest

Masterplan 3d

“The project consists of thinking and then constructing in an unpretentious, intelligent way regarding the environment, and at the same time proposing neutral ideas with respect to the landscape.

Services Sections Residential housing Residential buildings

This space, based on a vast program for the recovery of the entire area “Borgh dël Fum Projects” in Turin  It is to become part of R. Margherita public park, connected to other residential buildings and a series of a sports and recreational activities, urging it to implement a program for the redevelopment of the entire area. The large ex factory area is gradually reconverted, and substituted with new flats and services, including the Gradenigo Hospital, sport facilities, spaces for young people and public spaces.

Masterplan Masterplan Concept

So the integration of different functions [tertiary sector, sporting and recreational facilities] with residential ones, contributes to creating that sense of a neighborhood that is sustainable in the long term, as a home to mixed and balanced communities.

Hospital services Kindergarten Gradenigo Hospital General Plan Ex Military Factory

The keywords of this project “Units of Fragments” are density and  sustainable energy and the environment, and the study aims at the definition of relationship between private domestic and public spaces, based on an idea of outdoor place. This is an aspect that must be integrated with the interior plans of dwellings, allowing sufficient space for activities related to daily domestic life, as well as social relations, without invading private spaces. The flat typologies range from one-room units to four-bedroom flats, to satisfy all trade requests. Almost all flats feature double exposure. The choice to clad the exterior with stone connects the buildings with surrounding constructions, based on the idea of creating a coherent architectural landscape.” – Simone Callea

FUTURES+ Original Feature


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