Goosebumps [in]dependent – Elias Walch


Elias Walch certainly pushes the boundaries of architectural exploration with Goosebumps [in]dependent.  The project sits on the realm of sci-fi an architecture as Elias strived to design something in which had never been seen, heard or even felt before.  Designing a theater in which the spectator’s body is fully immersed into this almost living structure that pumps impulses into your body physically altering your human health. A Scary yet intriguing concept, as are the renderings models that were created for this project.  Check it out after the jump!  

STUDENT: Elias Walch 
University of Innsbruck – Institute for Experimental Architecture
PROFESSOR:  Michael Wihart
COURSE: Studio 3 –


“Goosebumps [in]dependent, synesthetical experiences in organ recital vault, New York.” My ambition in this project was to force the extension of haptic perception in a world which is dominated by visual impressions. This tactile perceptions are supported by music respectively by the musician, protORGANist, who operates directly on the human body and its skin to stimulate emotional levels. The spectators are embedded in a soft structure, called pneumoSPONGE.

121018 schnitt VERTIKAL 01


While spectating and listening the audience gets impulses through pneumatical pads directly on their skin. This impacts cause hormonal distribution of Oxytocin as well as Dopamin—which generally support human health. The project is embedded in an urban organism in a subtle way – this should increase integration and inclusion of a large amount of different cultures and urban population.


The aim was to produce a social utopic scenario, something I never have seen, heard or felt before. The work of tutor Michael Wihart, who is working with the term of “corporeal design” and the fact, that hard matter is formed by the soft and vice versa.  The human being as cognitive creature with all its biological and cultural diversities marks the center point of architectural design.”           – Elias Walch


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