Water Tower – Aman Yusuf


Under Professor Ginger Krieg Dosier, an up and coming architect/scientist, Aman Yusuf designed his water tower to become a focal point in the neighborhood of Jumeriah.  It not only acts as water source, but meeting area with its tea bar and over looking observation deck.  Its program is simple, but the model itself is what sparked our interest.  Pulling from the network of veins within the leaf, the structure of the model seems to grow out of the ground wrapping the building and pushing the tower up.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENT: Aman Yusuf
American University of Sharjah
PROFESSORS: Ginger Krieg Dosier


“This project is the design of a Water Tower, sited in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The Water Tower acts as an icon in the neighborhood of Jumeriah, and it incorporates a tea bar and an observation deck at the top.

diagramming222 ai IMG_6863 Section 1.150 jpgThe design is derived from the microscopic view of a tea leaf. The main stem hierarchically splits into smaller vessels, through which water is distributed in the leaf.

Plan 1.150 jpg
Similarly, the Water Tower distributes water from the elevated tank to the entire neighborhood.”  -Aman Yusuf



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