Off With Their Heads! – Jennifer Lewis


When we really take a step back and break down how we define our cities, we really so heavily on the image of our skyline, literally the very tops of skyscrapers dictate the differences between cities.  A few major icons here and there may be recognizable from top to bottom, but few could tell the difference between these major structures if you only showed them their bottoms.  So how do we redefine our sky lines stuck in the post modernist era? Jennifer Lewis solution was to scream “Off with their heads!” at the Atlanta skyline.  In an attempt to give the skyline back to the public.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Jennifer Lewis
Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture
CRITIC: Jennifer Bonner 


“Off With Their Heads! Decapitating Atlanta’s Post-Modern Tops.” How can we imagine a new urbanism in Atlanta? Currently the skyline is dominated by exclusive post-modern capped skyscrapers with a failed aim to distinguish themselves and promote an identity for the city.



“Off With Their Heads!” is a drastic snipping of the post-modern tops across the city beginning in Midtown. New nonexclusive public spaces will occupy the top floors and allow tourists and native Atlantans to regain control of the city’s skyline.

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