Alveoli- Connor McKell Bingham


Most of remember what it was like coming to architecture school, and for the majority of us, the first time at college, wearing grown-up pants.  Getting a ton of work, and your first project was intimidating.   Here’s one of those first projects, from Connor at FWL School of Architecture.  Although not anything crazy, its a good foundation to start building a design vocabulary off of.  Where in the professional world we are designing by live, work, play we hardly design for Live, work, play and die.  The projects exploration is actually rather intriguing, to think of your home as your final resting place, grim, but provocative.  Check it out. 

STUDENT: Connor McKell Bingham
SCHOOL: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
CLASS: First Year Pallet


“A man was injured while working as a train conductor by a shard of metal that pierced his right lung leaving him dependent on an oxygen tent. He purchased the land where it happened and asked that a house be built for him where he could live for the remainder of his life and then ultimately be buried in.”



Alveoli-6Text and images via Connor’s blog


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