Sumbiosi – Solar Decathlon 2012 EUROPE


F+ is checking out some of the teams for the Solar Decathlon 2012 in Europe, with all the great projects and success of the event in the US we are looking forward to following the decathlon.  Today we are showcasing Sumbiosi, its title with an ancient Greek meaning, is to be 100% eco-friendly and run entirely on solar power.  Check out the rest of this project after the jump, and make sure to follow Sumbiosi’s progress on Twitter @Sumbiosi.

SCHOOL: Arts et Métiers ParisTech Bordeaux
COMPETITION: Solar Decathlon 2012 EUROPE
TEAM: Sumbiosi
YEAR: 2012

“20 teams from universities around the world will present to the general public and professionals their vision of tomorrow’s housing.

This is the culmination of a year and a half of work in which these teams have designed and produced with the support professionals, a prototype of 70m2 with a single energy source is the sun.

THESE HOMES WILL BE ASSESSED INNOVATIVE BY A JURY OF EXPERTS ON BROAD CATEGORY 5: architecture, energy efficiency, of comfort, innovation strategies of sustainability, and finally taking into account public expectations in terms of industrialization and awareness of green building.

SUMBIOSI runs exclusively on solar power, which she will be exposed to SOLAR EUROPE Decathlon, an international competition to be held in September 2012 in Madrid.

When SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE, SUMBIOSI the project will be competing against 20 other housing projects eco-friendly designed by students of top universities in the world.
SUMBIOSI was designed by engineering students from the Arts et Métiers ParisTech Bordeaux , after the formationProcess Engineering and Materials for the Environment and  Sustainable Development (IPM2D). Students from other colleges of Aquitaine participated in this project. For this occasion, all institutions together under one banner: Bordeaux Aquitaine Campus.

SUMBIOSI, is a solar home energy positive, that is to say, it produces its own energy. The prototype size that the public will discover Bordeaux in June at the IUT University of Bordeaux 1 is 100% eco-friendly: 30 m² of solar panels, an innovative system of concentration of sunlight, an equipment Venturi effect on the roof to accelerate the circulation of air, filters with earthworms and gravel for purifying waste water, recovery of rainwater and a green roof, etc..

Applied research to the habitat prototype house SUMBIOSI saves energy by using a series of innovative technologies. The use of solar energy is optimized by a system that uses Fresnel lenses. It concentrates sunlight by 500 times and reduces the surface of photovoltaic cells. And a silicon surface of A5 provides electricity for the whole house.

The second innovation is the prototype of the Solar System 3 in 1. Conventional systems produce two forms of energy: electricity and hot water. Engineering students have enriched the concept of a heat-integrated photovoltaic systems, reducing energy consumption. Advanced technologies are also used to create a more efficient envelope, as the green roof that complements and enhances the thermal and sound insulation of the house.

Finally, interactive home automation allows the player to become head of its consumption.  To design and implement the project of excellence, engineering students of the training IPM2D relied on the expertise of research teams from the Arts et Métiers ParisTech of

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