New York City Vision Competition – 2012 Winners

Today we thought we change it up at F+ and take a look at this year’s winners from City Vision competition to re-envision NYC.  The composition of the first prize project is flat out amazing and artistic.  We highly suggest you take a look at the projects at their full extent at the site along with the honorable mentions.  Check it out after the jump!

COMPETITION: New York City Vision Competition
FIRST PRIZE: Eirini Giannakopoulou,Stefano Carera, Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi
SECOND PRIZE: Enrico Pieraccioli -Claudio Granato
FARM PRIZE: Miles Fujiki

NYCV FIRST PRIZE /// E. Giannakopoulou – S. Carera – H. Isola – M. Norzi

“Future, present and past have always been fundamental concepts in every phase of developing which the history of New York City has faced. Things here change very fast, although others never change. With such spirit in mind, we have interpreted the competition as an homage to Romanian-born American artist, architect, cartoonist and illustrator, Saul Steinberg (1914–1999). Among many masterpieces, he is the author of famous The New Yorker magazine cover (March 29, 1976) “View of the World from 9th Avenue”. Such drawing has come to represent Manhattan’s telescoped interpretation of the country beyond the Hudson River. Showing the supposedly limited mental geography of Manhattanites, it has become iconic as a representation of one of the most influential and perhaps the last ideal city ever existed”…..////READ MORE

NYCV SECOND PRIZE /// E. Pieraccioli – C. Granato

“Human Heritage Site. Every form of progress, every technological invention, linked to the development society, brings with it a double image: Into success is also included anxiety and danger of his possible and probable failure. Study and design the means to avoid such a disaster becomes almost important as the study progress. If it’s true that the destructive effects never cease to act, and that they are repeated in the history of every cycle, it is true that what is civilization at a given time, will be the primitive state in the next moment. Creation and Destruction, the scene endlessly. The feverish speculative activity in human years, within the “grid”, has led to a heaviness of the Earth. The temperature increases slowly. Regardless of the most mortifying surprises, the earth continues its transformation toward equilibrium”….////READ MORE

NYCV FARM PRIZE /// Miles Fujiki

“Institute for Imagining New York In the uncertain city, brute economics dictates physical form and experience. This truth is entrenched in the collective imagination to the degree that it becomes nearly impossible to think of a future urbanity not premised on profitability. Any alternative imagination evaporates. But in New York, a shrinking group of city dreamers—artists, writers, historians, lunatics, futurists, architects, urban archeologists, mystics, skateboarders—resists this condition. Feeding on the history of a place, its atmosphere and material state, they produce alternative realities that are gradually woven into New York. These realities are both firmly grounded in the city and constantly drifting above, below, into the past, into the future.”….////READ MORE

CHECK out the rest of the honorable mentions:

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