This is a call for all designers young and old to come check out a DIY Furniture & NYChair Charrette at First Street Green Park.  Plus Admissions is FREE!  Check it out and we hope all you designers/architects in the NYC area show up to get your design on.

LOCATION: First Park @ 33 East 1st Street
WHEN: Saturday July 14

First Street Green with ExpoTENtial & desigNYC

Do it yourself soft seating, talks and best outdoor chair design competition

Location: First Park @ 33 East 1st Street

Date: Saturday July 14

Admission is free. Open to all. RSVP

For more information go to

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM DIY Furniture, do it yourself soft seating 

Come and learn to weave soft seating in 2 hours! All materials and tools will be provided.

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM The NYChair Charrette

Project description:  The NYChair lab is a one-day charrette that aims to propose design ideas for an iconic outdoor chair conceived just for NYC First Park. We want to engage NY designers and all New Yorkers, old and young, in imagining what an outdoor chair could be like, for a specific neighborhood. Forget about the ubiquitous Paris bistro foldable chair!

Background:  As public spaces gain a wider presence in the city and in our consciousness, the demand for green space has increased drastically and consequently, the time spent outdoor too. How does furniture play into the definition, identity and configuration of public space? Can we imagine a specific look for a NYC chair now that pedestrian street life is a top mandate of the City and public plazas are popping up at every corner? Can a chair help communities and neighborhoods strengthen their sense of place?

Objectives:  To influence public policy, BIDs, DOT, Parks, public’s perception of outdoor space, and enhance the role that (industrial/furniture) design has in shaping public space.

Venue:  First Park is a public cultural park, located at last year’s location of BMW Guggenheim Lab, between 2nd Avenue, Houston Street, 1st Street, & 1st Avenue.  First Street Green is a community group engaged in programming the park and exploring ways to engage local communities, organizations, institutions, children, nearby residents and businesses in the making of a non-green, cultural art park.

Event Organizers:  Silva Ajemian and Jorge Prado, architects, principals of TODO DA & co-founding directors of First Street Green (FSG) Laetitia Wolff, founder of futureflair/expoTENtial and director of desigNYC.

Speakers:  Laetitia Wolff, Silva Ajemian & Jorge Prado, Emily Weidenhof  Project Manager of Public Spaces – NYC DOT Division of Traffic & Planning, Gail Wittwer – Laird Senior Designer in the Capital Projects Division for New York City Parks, Celia Petersen – New York City Parks & Recreation Capital projects division, Evan Bennett – VAMOS, Michael Piper – DUB studios, Marco Castro – BusRoots.

Jury: To be announced.
An online public voting will be setup on FSG Website @



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