Immersive Kinematics – University of Pennsylvania

Today we are showcasing and interesting and collaborative research studio going on at the University of Pennsylvania.  The research group is called Immersive Kinematics, and is headed by professors Simon Kim and Mark Yim.  The group is a blend of design students and engineers, who are exploring the worlds of robotics as they relate to architecture and engineering.  Where the elements they are generating are on a small scale, they are honing in on the use of technology that attacks our senses.  Check it out after the jump!  

SCHOOL: University of Pennsylvania
PROFESSORS: Simon Kim and Mark Yim
COURSE: Immersive Kinematics – Research Group
STUDENTS:  Collaborators

“Immersive Kinematics is a Research Group at the University of Pennsylvania directed by professors Simon Kim and Mark Yim.

This group is a collaboration between Penn Engineering and Penn Design and expands the roles of architecture and engineering focusing on integrating robotics, interaction, and embedded intelligence in our buildings, cities, and cultures.

The group offers a class teaming architecture and engineering students in mechatronic projects.”

Well worth checking out the rest of the student works at :

All Text and Images via


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