Tokyo Highrise Proposal- Alexander Daxböck

Check out this sweet project from Alex Daxböck in Vienna, we showcased one of Alex’s earlier works ‘ExLibris‘.  Alex created the project as a personal study, obviously not taking the summer off from studio.  The project is a highrise, that seeks to reconnect itself to the streets of Tokyo.  Public spaces intermix with private areas and vertical streets.

STUDENT: Alexander Daxböck
SCHOOL: Vienna University of Technology
COURSE: Personal Study
YEAR: 2012

“The shape of the streets affects and defines the circulation and areas inside the building. Similar to the urban fabric of Tokyo the highrise complex commands a variety of public spaces for different needs, qualities and different levels of density…A Building as manifold and multilayered as the city surrounding it.”

Check out more of Alex’s work on his Behance profile.

F+ Orginal Submission by Alex Daxböck


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