Digital Exposure – Kyle Chong

F+ is bringing you Digital Exposure by Kyle Chong, a first out of Liverpool John Moores Univeristy.  The project delves the discourse of studying the human body’s movements, and translating it into today’s digital modeling.  A discourse fostered by the early works of Etienne-Jules Marey and Eadweard Muybridge, and there scientific studies into capturing physical locomotion.  Kyle’s project strives to create the opportunity to further exercise the physical spectrum and its relation to programmatic relations to space.  Check it out after the jump!  

SCHOOL: Liverpool John Moores University
STUDENTS: Kyle Chong
YEAR: 2008

“A devotion to the beauty of movement and the disillusion of the still where the analysing of the bodies shape, form and movement creates a hub for the future research, exposure and an insight into the human form. Based on the technology of 3D Digital Body Imaging, the human form can be explored and exhibited in a new digital way.

“The vision, an experimental axis for a new hybrid digital fashion offering facilities aiding the development and evolution of this new hybrid digital art form. A place where people can learn and be intrigued by this new art form, providing a place in Liverpool completely devoted to current and future fashion. Exhibits advertising future possibilities of fashion, the extremes of digital production and the utilisation of new manufacturing processes. Combining to form a new social and research hub; A new aesthetic, new followers and a new digital art form.

The centre will provide an alternative research and exhibition facility exploring the human form and the future of fashion. Using 3D body scanners, the human body can be digitally scanned creating a digital version or twin of the human form. Designers can then digitally manipulate the body, transforming, perfecting and editing the form to perfection, creating a new digital fashion, thus exploring the capabilities of technology and a new digital art form of fashion and textiles; a new aesthetic and design culture and following.”

All Text and Images from Kyle Chong –


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