Fulcrum: Tipping Point in Venice – Graham Baldwin and Jack Self

Today we are coming a day short late to the Kickstarter party for Fulcrum’s ‘Tipping Point in Venice’ by Graham Baldwin and Jack Self.  We still want to bring to light this student run weekly publication about architecture coming out the AA.  Fulcrum takes a look at architecture that the main stream architectural press won’t cover.  There articles include a mix between students and high level architects such as Greg Lynn and Norman Foster.  We urge our readers to check out their video son Kickstarter, even if they didn’t get the funding, their articles on the Fulcrum website are well worth the read. 

SCHOOL: Architectural Association
STUDENTS: Graham Baldwin and Jack Self
SITE: fulcrum.aaschool.ac.uk


What is Fulcrum?

Fulcrum is a student-run, free, weekly publication about architecture — based at the Architectural Association in London. It is edited by two architecture students, Graham Baldwin and Jack Self.

Since founding the magazine two years ago we have worked hard to provide high-quality journalism on subjects the mainstream architectural press have avoided: the morality of building in countries with poor human rights records, how developers and planning laws ignore the real needs of communities, and how computational design is likely to influence the future of architecture.

We promote young writers, although we have also published articles by well-known architects such as Greg Lynn (on bespoke mass-production), Norman Foster (on a new airport in the Thames) and Charles Jencks (on “radical” post-modernism), amongst others (please see our site).


Above: issue on western architects involved in Chinese development in Africa.

What are we doing in Venice?

Every second summer Venice holds an architectural Biennale. It’s where the most established and prestigious architects exhibit their work. Needless to say, participation is expensive and elitist.

Just to see what would happen, Fulcrum made an application to run a daily newspaper — we were honest about the types of subjects we cover, and why we felt this was such an important thing to bring to the Biennale.

By some luck we were accepted! No one has ever attempted a daily publication at the Biennale, and we have exclusive distribution within the Arsenale, Giardini and media centre. We will be publishing 5000 copies a day and we want to make an impact.

Why we need your help!

When we made our application we had a sponsor lined up. Unfortunately, they are no longer able to commit funds, so we’ve been left high and dry. Our publication has always operated as a mutually-supportive community, with a rolling editorial board of young architects and theorists from all around the world helping Graham and Jack.

Like Fulcrum, crowd-sourcing is a collective venture, which is why it seemed natural for us to turn to Kickstarter for assistance.

What will we do with the money?

We have some savings, but even so we still need $25,000 to buy paper and to transport everything (paper, printer, ink and spare parts) to Venice, to set up an office and print shop once there, and to distribute our newspaper. Oh, and to get back again.

If we raise more than this we are going to revert back to our original when-we-had-a-sponsor plan. We have been given permission to set up a temporary exhibition space smack in the middle of Venice! This is quite unusual and suggests that there may be a radical element within the administration. Anyway, if we can raise the money we have big plans. We’re going to convert a shipping container and use it as a pop-up print studio, that can also be used to host daytime workshops, evening lectures and as an exhibition space for young and talented architectural practises normally considered too junior to be exhibited at the Biennale.

We have the go-ahead from the City of Venice; we have a design; we have a team of friends ready to start work on converting a shipping container; and, we have a list of young architects who have worked out how to get themselves and their work to Venice. What will the container look like? Please see below (just keep scrolling).

All images and text via www.kickstarter.com & fulcrum.aaschool.ac.uk


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