The Symbiotic Office – Richard Black – Oxford Brookes SOA

Today’s project is our first out of the Oxford Brookes School of Architecture by Richard Black.  His project ‘The Symbiotic Office’ delves into the excessive overpopulation and misuses of commercial space in modern urban environments today.  These harsh concrete jungles have left us with these cold spaces in which the basic needs of an individual have been forgotten.  Richard’s project resides in a realm of decaying and growing architecture.  Truly an intriguing discourse and highly supported by his vivid imagery.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Oxford Brookes School of Architecture
STUDENTS: Richard Black
PROFESSORS: David Greene, Toby Shew
COURSE:  Diploma in Architecture
YEAR: 2012

“Research conducted into the office buildings of London shows the misuse and often disuse of spaces.  In the vastness of office spaces such as those of Canary Wharf, it is imperative to achieve good design to alleviate the potential negative issues associated with the spaces. It is arguable that at present these vast, generic office spaces offer little in the way of individuality, nor do they cater to the individual’s needs.
The Symbiotic Office changes the way in which people use office spaces, creating internal relaxation zones where individuals can pause for thought, host meetings, eat their lunch or drink orchid tea. Medicinal orchid extracts are used in the office pharmacy, offering relief from symptoms such as headaches, poor eyesight and stress.”
For more of Richards work check out his blog @ and vimeo @
F+ Orginal Submission by RICHARD BLACK

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