Big Shed – The AA Summer Build

Today we are following up on a post from a couple months back about Hooke Park Big Shed by the AA.  We have been following the construction of the pavilion and wanted to share it again.  As it is the largest and most intricate pavilion construction we have seen between student and professionals.  The space is truly taking form, so check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: The Architectural Association
Diploma Unit 19

“SummerBuild 2011 will construct the “Big Shed”, a 500m2 enclosure that will accommodate future fabrication, assembly and prototyping activities at Hooke Park. The building is conceived by the students of AA Design & Make and Diploma Unit 19 as an ‘adaptable’ structure. It has large moveable sections that future users will be able reconfigure to form walls (in winter, for wind and rain shelter), doors, or canopies (in summer, for shading, and to allow large components and equipment in and out of the Shed.

The building will be constructed from larch, sourced from Hooke Park and local woodlands. For the primary structure, tree-trunks will be used ‘in-the-round’, thereby retaining their full structural integrity. An ‘ad-hoc’ infill of smaller secondary members will carry the cladding. The intention is that the build team shapes and contributes to the final structural design of the project, which is conceived as a vehicle to encompass the ad hoc, improvised and impromptu.”

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