Biodigital Processes in Architecture – Tommaso Casucci

Today we are bringing you a project from the University on Florence, Biodigital Processes in Architecture by Tommaso Casucci.  The project is an exploration into surface modulation to create an organic structure to house a library for the school of architecture.  The project itself truly explores the richness of creating a modular, to its multiplication, its responsiveness to the elements and its actual fabrication.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University on Florence
STUDENT: Tommaso Casucci
YEAR: 2011

Italian architecture student, tommaso casucci, has developed ‘biodigital processes in architecture’, a thesis proposal for the new library of the school of architecture in florence, italy. as part of a renovation plan, the existing structure – which was once used as a convent then a penitentiary – is retrofitted to include study halls, meeting areas, an auditorium and exhibition spaces.

Exploring the emergent qualities derived from surface modulation, the structure aims to provide a continuous and varying experience that accommodates the programmatic functions of the school. the overall form was developed through a generative methodology that was used to test multiple solutions.

And outcomes representing optimal compromises of structure, performance, program and connections. As a result, a series of highly differentiating spaces and sub-structures consume the environment, creating meandering and adaptive work areas for the students and faculty. Void of typical perpendicular planes, the interior environment consists of softly undulating white surfaces that skew and rotate to incorporate elements of furniture.

An organic and porous skin engulfs the existing brick structure, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. Light and air penetrate the transitory spaces, which lack traditional doors and windows.

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