Medioteca – Valentina Lujan

Today F+ is taking you all the way to Cordoba, Argentina to check out Medioteca by Valentina Lujan.  The project is designed to create a greater focal point within the community to create a space and opportunity for cultural exchange at any age and foster a learning center for the greater community.  We translated the text about the project as best we could and make sure you check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Valentina Lujan
LOCATION: Cordoba, Argentina
YEAR: 2012

“The condenser is designed as an urban interactive center for cultural exchange. The idea is to overcome urban problems culturalde emphasizingthe educational base population. Thus arises the need to relate spatial structures need existentesy current urban public spaces. The aim was to create an urban space of exchange value that is culturalsocial, communication and entertainment. The project itself poses a major attractor,the Media Centre, which formally offered a variety of opportunities for cultural exchange and education for all ages.

The media library is divided into three levels, more height greater level of privacy.

In the first level are the audiences, the exhibition hall and the restbar, todasestas activities can run independently of the media librarytotalemnte. It has a street ingresofrontal by September 24.

At a second level, accessed through ramps in the park give access to the administration, reading areas, as well as the lockers, security, and store merchandising. Surrounded by all this floor reading rooms that are double height.

In a third level there are classrooms, study rooms and is a more private part of the media center. The reading rooms are shaped like two prisms, and inserted into the prism are the lifts and toilets. The skin that attenuates conditioned place iluminaciony thermal and acoustically.”

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