Chicago Urban Art Center – Erick Kristanto

Today we bring you a project by Erick Kristanto from the I.I.T. School of Architecture.  His proposal for an Urban art center in Chicago attempts to give its host community an identity, while at the same time providing cultural capital.

SCHOOL: Illinois Institute of Technology
STUDENTS: Erick Kristanto
COURSE: Master’s Project
YEAR: 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  Modern day art center does not have to be necessarily closed and introvert like most art institutions. The intention of this art center is to make a building that is more open and integrated with urban context while providing an alternative solution to revitalize Washington park neighborhood in Chicago, which has been struggling with the vacancy and the loss of identity issues.

Beginning with integration of programs of the building with landscape and public spaces, this transformation will lead to construction of urbanity by extending the site context into the building and at the same time exhibiting the programs inside to public.

- site plan

-Ground Floor Plan

-All Images and Text Via Erick Kristanto ( &


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