Schools in the Sky – Filipe Magalhaes ,Ana Luisa Soares and André Vergueiro

Today we bring you a competition submission for the “Rooftops:Why Not?” Ideas Competition in NY.  The purpose of the competition is to actively engage in the design of the rooftop as more of a “Fifth Facade”, than just an afterthought where we cram HVAC units.  This Proposal by Filipe Magalhaes ,Ana Luisa Soares and André Vergueiro looks into the possibility of turning the unused rooftops into classrooms.

COMPETITION: “rooftops: why not?” ideas competition, new york, usa
STUDENTS: Filipe Magalhaes / Ana Luisa Soares / Andre Vergueiro
YEAR: 2012
SCHOOLFaculdade de Arquitectura do Porto

Rooftops are spaces on the way of desertification.
This competition requires a functional and architectural consideration of any kind of roofs (flat roofs, sloped, gabled, rooftops… on towers, houses, blocks, urban centers …)The management of the space, usage, program or other new posibilities, are the main factors.

– Do the rooftops deserve any usage?
– What uses are more convenient for a rooftop?
– Which roofs are more interesting?
– Who will be the user?
– Where should it be located?
– How large should it be?”


 The american education system is sustained by the private sector. as a result, many colleges and schools have become, over time, ghettos for rich people, leaving a huge part of the students out of options. for this competition, that proposed the discussion of ideas for the roofs of the world, new york was chosen as a study case for an experiment.

Known as usa’s ‘educational capital’, it seemed pertinent the provocation: ‘what if suddenly the education would become the highest (and most visible) value of a society? what if one day all the skyscrapers would have a school on the top?’

‘what if one day there would be schools in the sky?’

 Assuming the will to fix, or at least to discuss, a biased system, it is proposed to offer public schools in places that are usually closed to society.

Using the yellow color from the school buses and new yorker cabs, and choosing very simple and abstract volumes pierced occasionally by simple geometries,
the boxes would seem like a game for children. visually and politically, the school would be the highest value.

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