Studio Chair Sculptures – Ryan Philbin & Jesse BN

When you shove hundreds of creative people in one building with endless supplies, no supervision, and no sleep you get a studio culture unlike any other.  We at F+ will be the first to admit that being in studio too long is enough to drive anybody a little crazy.  However it seems at Wentworth they have come up with a creative solution to get some energy out with these static chair sculptures.  Check them out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Wentworth Institute of Technology 
STUDENTS: Ryan Philbin &Jesse BN
YEAR: 2010

“Chair sculptures cannot be planned, only proposed as a challenge. For any student focusing on meticulous work through the late night into early morning, distractions and mental breaks are necessary. The only difference between designers and everyone else is that we have a studio to create our own temporary playgrounds.

“You’re only as good as your latest photograph.”

-Stan Horazcech

For us, we are only as good as a most recent design accomplishment. If your project is going nowhere, flip some chairs over and see how high you can stack them before they fall over. Make something beautiful out of an everyday object and make it better each time. That is the challenge.”
– Ryan Philbin & Jesse BN

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