Heaven 2.0 -Oliviu Logojan Ghenciu

From the polar caps to the next utopia on the sandy beaches of Los Angles we bring you “Heaven 2.0” by Oliviu Lugojan Ghenciu.  It is not in fact creating heaven on earth, but an attempt to play on the notions of a utopia, the carefree beach life style of the west coast, and the escape to the coast the highway brings you.  Check it out after the jump! 

PROFESSORS: Holger Kehne, Jeffrey Turko
YEAR: Oliviu Logojan Ghenciu
COURSE: Diploma 12 – Nip & Tuck
YEAR: 2010

“From Biosphere 2 and Hollywood’s film sets, to an utopic landscape which shortcut the highway and adapt to the geography, comes Heaven 2.0

Heaven 2.0 doesn’t come from a religious perspective, religion being a really personal thing which whose interpretation varies from one to another. The aim of Heaven 2.0 is the “perfect, most enjoyable, but also undefined and unknown” heaven. An intriguing aspect of Los Angeles of having a shallow heaven.

This utopia is what LA. try to promote and there is something in this fakeness that people enjoy, maybe its the lack of depth or the plurality, or even just the weather. Heaven 2.0 shouldn’t be taken literally but rather as an ironic position, an irony related to the “ideal living condition” or a “utopic life” represented in Hollywood’s cinematography through movies as Brazil or The Truman Show.

Heaven 2.0 is a housing apparatus, a contemporary adaptation of the “American Beach House”. A housing apparatus with a connective circulation machine on it’s back, extending the regulate american urban network in to the Pacific Ocean & the ocean in to the city through a vertical urbanism.

Heaven 2.0 is a set up, a plastic surgery of the site, in the point where the feeble Route 66 ends and San Vincent Blvd. begins. Heaven 2.0 connects this two points and loop the “american dream” ended ones with the Route 66, back in to the city, towards Hollywood. Looping the “american dream” from simulacra in to hyperreality.”
-Oliviu Logojan Ghenciu

All Text and Images via projectsreview2010.aaschool.ac.uk


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