Rest Area Contest – Alejandro Cobanera & Beatriz Barberán

Today we are checking out a contest submission done by Alejandro Cobanera & Beatriz Barberán for a resting area.  The creation is a playful resting area that is created through a nest of crossing straps where one can begin to sit and relax and or climb around.  If only tertiary space could be this fun in buildings today!  

SCHOOL: San Pablo CEU University
Alejandro Cobanera & Beatriz Barberán

“The main idea revolves around the evocation of a forest space in which people feel tempted to enter and spend some time while resting and sightseeing. The concept allows for the rest area inside San Pablo University to be located in a less traveled path but still easy to find.

The intervention is almost entirely made of 10cm elastic laces which are interlaced to form a “woodland environment” reminiscent of a bird´s nest. The purpose of this intervention is not only to serve as a resting area but also a sightseeing place for any multimedia material hanged or proyected on the roof and walls.”

– Alejandro Cobanera

Check out the rest of Alejandro’s work at

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