Weekend Studio Break!

It might be Superbowl weekend in the states, but most of you are still stuck in studio, so take a studio break and kick back with F+. 

In the village of Escudero in the Philippines you can eat and wet your feet at the same time //// CHECK IT!

Leave it to LIGHTBOYS to design these amazing illuminated lightwalls //// CHECK IT!

Portico Quartet – “Ruins” – Some seriously good studio tunes //// CHECK IT!

“Unrealistic Scenes” – Nathan Spotts Academy of Art University  //// CHECK IT!

“Handcrafted Type” – Ivan Kostynyk  Ontario College of Art and Design
You can’t beat anything hand made, done well, with a hint of humor //// CHECK IT!

“Love Battle” – Cat PeopleTruly an amazing music video and great tune!

Lastly KOHLER gives us this piece of art work, and we truly have no words for it.


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