House’s Loft- Adolfo Samudio

Today we’re showing you the winner of a recent Arquitectum competition.  The competition was to create a new loft for Dr. House, the TV character, at the top of the Flatiron building in NYC.  The proposal takes the geometry of the building, and rotates it, creating new perspectives of the city.  Check out the project and the text after the jump.

STUDENT: Adolfo Samudio


 Here’s the text so you don’t have to squint:  
“House’s Loft?
The ‘House’s Loft’ conceptual competition asks participants to design a consultancy-home in Manhattan for Dr. Gregory House, M.D. a doctor at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey, USA.  But both the PPTH and House are of course, fiction.  They exist only in the fictional plane of the TV series, not in consensus reality.  So how could we, then, in the real life plane, plan a home for a person in a different plane of existence?  To us, the competition’s unconventional request brought into play from the very outset an interesting dichotomy, the acknowledgment of which soon became the main theme of our proposal.

Of House and Hugh:
During Research and initial brainstorming we quickly realized that if we were to address not one, but two planes of existence- one real and one imaginary- then the proposal could not just be about a loft for the fictional Dr. Gregory House, as the bases call for.  What about House’s real life persona, actor Hugh Laurie?  To address the real life plane, a new home for someone cast in the t.v. show also had to be considered… and by overlapping both zones, other very interesting possibilities emerge.

As real-lie dwellers, thus, we see the proposal not so much as a fictional loft for fictional House, but- betting on the show’s immense popularity- as a slightly irreverent, self-advertising, brand new tourist attraction for Manhattan.”

All text and images via Arquitectum


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