M-Box – Meeting of European Design Students (MEDS)

Today at F+ we are coming at you with a movement that is happening between young design professionals in Europe.  The workshop is called MEDS, which stands for Meeting of European Design Students, and came about as a way to bring together all different kinds of design disciplines and designers from across the map.  These workshops spark inspirations in their quick design charrettes, much like today’s post m-box.  Check it out after the jump!


WORKSHOP:  Meeting of European Design Students (MEDS)
PROJECT MANAGERS:  Gheorghe Mădălin, Tania Ignat & Oben ışın
Dino Elva, Irfan Hadziomerovic, Senad Alibegovic, Vladimír Hain, Esme Brooker, Joel Trotter, Tomáš Hanto Hanáček, Camilla Andersen, Jana Šmuhařová, Kaja  
YEAR: 2011


“This project was built as part of the student event MEDS, Meeting of European Design Students, during a two week period in August 2011. The theme was to design a pavilion that relates to the connection between Europe and Asia.

The interior of the Blue Mosque represents the starting point for the concept. The ellipse of light is the geometry that inspired the project. In order to determine the interior space of the pavilion, an ellipse is used to generate a fluid organic shape which eventually has to adapt to the constraints of the diagonals of the box.

The final statement is comprised of two shapes that are engaged in a dialogue filled with tension and relaxation. This is thought as a metaphor of the relationship between Europe and Asia and how Turkey relates to this idea. It is about the interaction between the rigidity of the traditional and the flexibility of our current approaches.

The current state of technology and civilisation enable us to receive more influences than ever before. This public library is a place where people with different backgrounds can discuss various ideas found in books.

The library is intended to act as a place for gathering. It offers the inhabitants and the tourists an opportunity to rest, read a story and be influenced by different ideas and cultures.”

Check out the rest of the projects at www.meds-workshop.com/projects

All Text and Images via suckerpunchdaily.com


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