Augmented Reality Pavilion- Yao Gao, Academy of Art University

Here’s a project from the left coast, Yao Gao at the Academy of Art University.  A pavilion that deals with the integration of the real, virtual, and the augmented reality that occurs from the intersection of the two.  Although a very interesting problem, we feel the project misses the mark a little bit, instead becoming about the form, instead of function.  This seems to be a common thing when the process creates a sinuous, scripted form; they seem to focus more on form than function, and since we’re suckers for Louis Sullivan and the ethos of modernism “Form follows function.”  Nonetheless, the project is quite intriguing, so check it out.

SCHOOL: Academy of Art University

“Investigating the relationship between humans and the built environment when the virtual, real, and augmented realities of our world collide. As a temporary pavilion the intensity and frequency of visitors drawn to the site will amplify the extreme spaces and force the occupants to question what is real.

This Pavilion Expo is located in the Mission Bay area in the city of San Francisco. It is a simulation venue to demonstrate the new technology and new structure. The main structure is located on several artificial platforms which are connected to the land by several bridges. Different opened aisles will lead people to the lobby, bar and admin which are all located on the first floor.

The unique skeleton structure connects different interior spaces. For example, the café which is on the top of the lobby has a independent entrance. By the elevator to the underground area, people could enter the core of the building, which is a virtual cinema. The Expo shows the contrast of virtual world and the real world by two unique structures, which are opened skeleton corridor with viewing deck and fully enclosed interior spaces.

For example, the underground virtual cinema could simulate the whole virtual world. The cinema could float on the sea, in this case, people could feel the virtual world by sense of hearing, sense of sight, sense of smell and sense of touch. With the changes and transformations of the surrounding walls and retractable screen colors, in which it is like for people in the Avatar movie, people will enter the whole virtual world.

Through the opened skeleton corridor, people could reach the restaurant on the top floor of the building from the lobby. People could feel the real feeling provided by the nature by standing at this place. The enclosed interior spaces are connected by the opened bridges. Just like the daily life that transforms from wake up to falling asleep and from the social networks on the internet to the real communication, people wanders between the virtual and the real world by passing through the enclosed interior space and the opened skeleton corridors. The exterior of the building will change its color and color intensity with the seasonal temperature change and sea rise. This new Expo will be an iconic new technological building in the Mission bay area.” – Yao Gao

All text and images via Reality Distorted 


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