MADE TO MEASURE – Haydar Alward, Mikael Pettersso – University of Lund

We head back to the University of Lund to explore the work of “Made to Measure” by Haydar Alward and Mikael Pettersso in their exploration of a sports complex.  Their second place project is a truly rich and intriguing contained sports complex.  However for a first we actually have a professor’s response to their design proposal.   Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University of Lund, Sweeden
PROFESSORS: Prof. Abelardo Gonzalez, Prof. John Cramer, Prof. Morten Lund
STUDENTS:  Haydar Alward, Mikael Pettersso
COURSE: Schindler Award 2010
YEAR: 2010

” The Idea
The central idea is to develop a consolidated sports campus. The most conspicuous building is “The Erratic” (the new hotel), which integrates the S-Bahn station and the hotel, and gives shape to the main entrance of the area in question. All basic services for incoming visitors are also found in this building.
The Project
The design is persuasive on account of the clear-cut structure of the individual sections of the area. “Komplex,” the consolidated sports campus in the western part, allows intriguing spaces to burgeon forth, serving cultural and culinary purposes alike. “The Erratic”, situated in the northern part, houses the new hotel and the S-Bahn station.
The Jury Assessment
The idea of a consolidated sports campus convinced the panel of judges. By concentrating the site’s functions, the surrounding area has plenty of free space with clear-cut layouts. The location of the hotel is questionable since it is situated between the railroad cut-in and the GASAG building. It is certainly advantageous for P & R (park and ride), but the panel of judges would have welcomed more information on the final design of the spaces in this flowing mobile landscape. “
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