Temporary Bar – Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto, Oporto SoA

Now this is a project we can really get into.  We would have loved to get the chance to design a temporary bar for a big ol’ party.  Diogo and Teresa’s winning proposal for the contest, from  2008, uses some different materials in very unique ways.  Plastic tubs from IKEA act as a facade, that reminds us a lot of the game “Lights Out.”  Check out the rest of the project.

SCHOOL: Oporto School of Architecture
STUDENTS: Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto
YEAR: 2008

Year after year, the students of Oporto School of Architecture are invited to think on a temporary bar to represent their institution with the expected dignity, as an outstanding architectural object. The given implantation, the fast construction and the low budget are some of the premises which must be considered.


The proposed bar stands as an iconic cube of light, composed of modular parts. Taking advantage of the IKEA build-by-your-own world, the project is a parallelepiped made out of different depth storage boxes which give it the modular diversity on its textured skin. After winning the competition, some adjustments were done and the bar grew to 4,7 metre high, standing as a visual reference.


Built in one week with the help of students, it was completed one month after the jury announcement. A total of 420 boxes were first fixed on a wooden structure and then attached to the main metal structure, on site. A huge LED net was fixed behind the boxes, allowing the bar to dramatically change its appearance: by day a white abstract and closed volume; and by night a box of changing light following the DJ set.

All text and images via Diogo Aguiar 


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