The Reinvigoration of the Whiplash – David Nightingale – AA

David Nightingale delves into the reformation of the grammar of ornament in today’s architectural design.  Through the analysis of the “whiplash” into a larger composition we begin to see the imagination of ornament into creating architectural space.  A truly interesting cross-examination and visually stunning design, so check it out after the jump!

FACULTY: Oliver Domeisen, Tristan Simmonds
YEAR: 2010
COURSE: Diploma 13 – The Reformed Grammar of Ornament
STUDENTS: David Nightingale


Victor Horta 2010

“Dip 13’s collection of experimental ornament for the twenty-first century takes off from Owen Jones’s seminal The Grammar of Ornament (1856). Each student developed a catalogue of iconographic, naturalist, geometric and materialist ornament for a new embassy in central London.”

Three-dimensional analysis Victor Horta

Iconographic Ornament, The Kingdom of Belgium

“The Aim of this project is to, through the use of ornament, reinvigorate the whiplash curve of the art nouveau to unify conflicting dualities related to the nation of Belgium and creation of a high consulate in Regents park, London.

Geometric Ornament; Eau Rouge, Spa Francorchamps

The thesis intends to experiment with contemporary speeds within the curvature of the Art Nouveau to create architectural programs and details based on the acceleration of the whiplash.

Security Gate House

Security Gate House Section

The contemporary re-connection with the Art nouveau is used as a platform to hold ornamental manifestos, and relates to William Hogarth theories on contemporary aesthetic (in particular the The Analysis of Beauty) where the curvature is understood as being separated into parts of a larger composition, employing various lines with gradual undulations.

Entrance, High Consulate

Interior, function room

The whiplash acts as a unifying (constant) in which critical ornamental designs are employed at specific moments of the project. Where the ornamental thesis of duality and nation building is free to breathe within the designs.

Handrail detail

“In Regent’s Park, David convoluted the territory into a neo-art-nouveau whiplash for a divided post-colonial Belgium.” – Oliver Domeisen/Tristan Simmonds

Exterior Bridge, Regent's Park Canal

All Text and Images Via AA from David Nightingale, Oliver Domeisen, Tristan Simmonds


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