Stadium Metaplasia – Christos Koukis – University of Patras

In most European countries the sport of Soccer has immersed itself into every facet of one’s everyday life and in this case the stadium has entwined itself into the very fabric of the city.  Christos Koukis’s ‘Stadium Metaplasia’ is an intriguing investigation into the scripting of architecture, where the control comes from an understanding and manipulating of computer code.  Check out more after the jump!  

SCHOOL: University of Patras
PROFESSORS: Vasilis Stroumpakos
STUDENTS: Christos Koukis
YEAR: 2011
COURSE: Thesis

Christos Koukis designed this project at the University of Patras, Department of Architecture under the advice of professor Vasilis Stroumpakos.

Metaplasia comes from the greek word ‘μετάπλασις’ (mĕ-tap′lă-sis) which means change in form. As a scientific terminology is being used in cases where a cell type is not robust enough to withstand a new environment and so it mutates in another type more adapted to it.

The definition matches the aim of this project; the conversion of an existing situation (site & concept ‘stadium’) to another one, more adapted to the reality of the area and the era.

Located in Nea Philadelpheia, a suburb of Athens, where immense urban density and natural beauty (grove of N.Philadelpheia) coexist, and designed in the same place with a demolished stadium, metaplasia becomes a new system, building, entity that through simulation techniques, time-based mutation, gradual metamorphosis and adaptive logic becomes a new species.”

You can check out Christon Koukis entire project on his blog at  It is well worth checking out to see the whole process!

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