Grompies – Brendon Carlin

Bringing you yet another student investigation ‘Grompies’ by Brendon Carlin of the AA, and investigation into plaster and structural molds.  It reminds us a lot of Henry Urbach’s P_Wall, however where that was an investigation into a wall paneling style, it seems as though Carlin pushed it further into a successful structural design investigation.

SCHOOL: Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory
TUTORS: Theodore Spyropoulos and Rob-Stuart Smith
COURSE: ‘Matter As Computation’ – Workshop
STUDENTS: Brendon Carlin, Kyle Chou, lluis Enrique Monzo, Carlos Piles, Faysal Tabbarah
YEAR: 2010

“Brendon Carlin and fellow students at the Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory have experimented with liquid plaster set in stitched lycra moulds. Called Grompies, the project involved translating a computer-generated pattern into stitched lines across the fabric using a sewing machine and by hand.

These textured fabric canvasses are then pulled taut and fixed to wooden frames before being filled with plaster. The project was a collaborative workshop by Brendon Carlin, Kyle Chou, Lluis Enrique Monzo, Carlos Piles and Faysal Tabbarah, investigating “matter as computation”.

A virtual pattern is generated on the computer through behavioral rule sets which play out with no finite time limits.  A moment is observed in the looping of those behaviors in virtual space, and captured.

The resulting pattern is translated by hand and sewing machine into a stitched pattern on lycra by printing and tracing its form.

The stitched sheets of lycra are fixed to wooden frames constructed of scrap material. A plaster, water mix is poured into the tightly stitched lycra pattern and left to set.”

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