Model a’la Experiment- Rasmus Svingel, Aarhus SoA

Today’s project is from Rasmus at the Aarhus SoA.  The project is a transformable space, that responds to contextual needs.  The model is quite intricate, and great to see a movie of, with it’s moving parts being transformed from one diagrammatic space to another.  

STUDENT: Rasmus Svingel
SCHOOL: Aarhus School of Architecture 

This model was part of my work at the School of Architecture and can be regarded as an investigation of space and program diversity through movement. The model arose from a digital model that were processed into an anolog structure.

The concept is a structure which, depending on needs, climate, etc. can unfold and contract. The model consists of unhardened metal rods that are soldered together and then covered with coarse paper. The moving joints are made by the use of brass tubings. The movement is controlled by pulling carbon wires after which rubber bands resets the entire operation back to the starting position.

Check out the video, as it provides a great sense of movement within the structure, and how the whole thing transforms.


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