URBANbuild – Tulane University


Today, we are going to bring you  a pretty sweet built project. URBANbuild is sort of the other side of the coin from Rural Studio, a studio designed to create a small home through student work in the urban areas of New Orleans.  Take a look at one of the recent builds from the studio, Prototype 04.

SCHOOL: Tulane University School of Architecture
STUDENTS: URBANbuild 04 Team
YEAR:  2008

“URBANbuild 04 explores the relationship of public and private spaces in connection to the streetscape.  URBANbuild 4 has achieved LEED Silver certification.   The house takes advantage of its corner lot through fenestration and porches, engaging the house with the neighborhood while simultaneously providing privacy for the homeowner.  The screening system allows the homeowner to adjust the transparency of the facade in relation to light and visual connection to the street.  Constructed using traditional wood framing, the house is 1,200 sq. ft. and features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, as well as a living room, kitchen, dining area, and private garden.”

“It looks like the package in which one of the Victorian shotguns nearby was delivered, and the sheer incongruity of the thing made me laugh when I first saw it. But loitering on the back porch—basically a deep rectangular cut taken out of one corner of the box—I found it impossible not to feel part of the neighborhood, perhaps more so than at any of the other new houses I’d visited.” via The Atlantic


“Scott Bernhard, director of the Tulane City Center, which has worked with URBANbuild and other community projects at Tulane, defended the style. “To me, it’s respectful of the old buildings to be attentive to scale or urban pattern, but it’s not respectful of those old buildings to imitate,” he said. “In some ways, imitation and mockery are too close together. To us, having a gabled roof at the front of the building is far less important than engaging the street.” via The Atlantic


Make sure to check out the rest of the project at tulaneurbanbuild.com.

All text and images via URBANbuild, The Atlantic ,anneofcarversville.com


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