RAKE Visningsrom – TreStykker2011 (Student workshop) – NTNU

A group of students from the NTNU came up with this brain child project to contribute to Trondheim’s cultural scene.  With architecture students coming from Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen to create this small exhibition space for art and architecture.  It is clean, simple, and basic design leaves us with an amazingly crisp design that is to the point.  Did I forget to mention it was built in 12 days?

SCHOOL:  Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
WORKSHOP: TreStykker 2011
ARCHITECTS: RAKE visningsrom

The showroom RAKE is the latest addition to Trondheim’s art landscape. It is the result of a student workshop in which thirty students from the architecture schools of Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen joined forces to design and construct this new exhibition space for art and architecture.

 A majority of the materials used in the construction of the room came from a nearby office building set for demolition. This reveals the theme and guiding principle behind the project: Reuse. Reuse as in using old materials, but just as importantly; when utilizing new ones, doing this in a manner that allows the process to continue.

RAKE is the brainchild of four students from NTNU, who invited their peers to participate in their creative endeavor. These architects-in-the-making met for the first time in May, and proceeded to work out the specifics of what is now RAKE. Throughout the project Tyin Architectural Firm, architect August Schmidt and artist Charlotte Rostad were at hand to offer input and assistance.

In August the colleagues and collaborators met again, this time hammers and nails replaced pen and paper. In twelve days they built an exhibition space which cannot help but induce curiosity; its walls consisting of two layers of reused windows, and the ceiling – three layers of doors. Yet, the most unique feature of the room may be its floor, made out of massive wooden cubes crafted by a local farmer. While a number of RAKE’s features are ‘outside the box’, its interior space is a traditional white cube, ready to display works by both national and international artists and architects.

Through this project the students wanted to contribute to Trondheim’s cultural scene and show that the reuse of materials can lead to a both inspirational and aesthetically pleasing construction. The showroom is run by local artists and architects, and the first show opened on the 9th of September – a collaboration between architect Fredrik Lund and artist Anne-Karin Furunes.

All Text & Images Via visuall.net and archdaily.com
Photographer: Marius Waagaard

Check out the work at:


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