Anamorphic Walkway – Alan Lu – MIT

Coming from the heart of Boston is designer/architect Alan Lu, who is in the M.Arch program at MIT.  Exploring architecture through fabrication, form and today’s design technology’s the bridge project pushes research into the adaption of modular structures into creating various typologies for public spaces.

SCHOOL: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Anamorphic Walkway – Conceptual Pedestrian Pathway Design

The anamorphic bridge is derived from the convergence of vantage points at a given site. Through a process of intersection and trimming, a figure emerges that provides circulation and outlook spaces.

Adaptive modules provide openings directed back to these vantage points in addition to acting as the primary structural elements.

The effects of creasing in material and form are introduced in a way achieving continuities in surface as well as varied linear spaces.

The overall curvature of the surface evokes the spatial perception characteristic of bridging structures, with their archetypes using concave or convex appearance in order to traverse a divide.

The project achieves the plasticity inherent to new paradigms of figuration and emergent techniques of construction and fabrication processes.

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