Urban Recreation + Transit – Ryan Jorgensen – University of Washington

Today we are coming at you with project by Ryan Jorgensen of the University of Washington, a studio designed for first year graduated students who do not already have a background in architecture.  The project design is for a community center to replace the vacant lot above the new underground rail line.  

SCHOOL: University of Washington
PROFESSOR: Elizabeth Golden , Rick Mohler
STUDENT: Ryan Jorgensen
YEAR: 2011
 Cal Anderson Community Center + Light Rail Station 

The University Link is a light rail line, which will connect three of the largest urban centers in the state of Washington––downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, and the University of Washington. The construction of the University Link is well underway, with the excavation and tunneling for the Capitol Hill Station currently in progress.

The buildings adjacent to East Denny Street and Broadway have been demolished in preparation for the underground station and tunnel construction, leaving a large gap in a typically urban streetscape. Other than the designs for three entry canopies––which will all serve the Capitol Hill Station––the development of the area around the station is still being evaluated.

One of the possible developments for the Capitol Hill Light Rail site is a community center, which would be constructed and operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation, working together with Capitol Hill community groups and Sound Transit. The Cal Anderson Community Center would provide youth, senior citizens, and families living on Capitol Hill access to economical athletic facilities, in addition to benefiting commuters passing through the light rail station.

This studio will generate proposals for a portion of the cleared area above the station, next to Cal Anderson Park. The program will include one of the station entries, and the spaces listed on the following program. The project and program should take into account the adjacency of Cal Anderson Park, the streetscape of Broadway, and the future extension of Nagel Place, which will accommodate the Capitol Hill Farmers Market.



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