Weekend Studio Break!

Here is this weeks dose of cool to help you kick back in studio this weekend!

First we at F+ we are coming at you with Back to the Futures Marty McFly’s fresh new NIKE kicks!  They brought back the NIKE MAG and the good news is that the auction of the shoes will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund Parkinson’s disease research. They are yours for only a couple grand! [http://nikemag.ebay.com/shoes]

These songs should be on your weekend playlist:

Pmac – “Invincible” (Ft.JVoqalz)
Mac Miller – “The Miller Family Reunion”
Joe Garston – “The Copycat”
Hoodie Allen – “You are not a Robot”

Check out these sweet graphic designs…check it out again it is messing with your head!

Probably one the best time lapse videos I have seen brought to us by TSO Photography.

Epic time-lapse photo of the 20-minute rollback of the GRAIL spacecraft before it launched on its lunar.

Lastly another great graphic designer Liam Brazier with his colorful illustrations, a UK-based illustrator and animator.  The illustrations are not created in Illustrator using vectors, but instead he draws each shape with Photoshop’s polygonal selection tool and then fills them in with color.

Enjoy your the weekend everyone and feel free to take a break and check out our other fresh posts!


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