CLJ02: ZA11 Pavilion- Dimitrie Stefanescu, Patrick Bedarf, Bogdan Hambasan

Check out this pavilion in a square by a group of students in Cluj, Romania. Created for the ZA11 Speaking Architecture event, the pavilion is an open circular space, made of deep hexagons, composed of multiple plywood pieces and joints. The space served to be an attraction, bringing in people passing by. Check out the rest of the project after the jump.
STUDENTS: Dimitrie Stefanescu, Patrick Bedarf, Bogdan Hambasan
LOCATION: Cluj, Romania
PROGRAMS USED: Grasshopper 
“The object tries to make legible the new ontology which is slowly defined by computational architecture and is a showcase for the processes empowered by it. At the same time, the pavilion offers a sheltered space for the unfolding of different social events pertaining to the corresponding architecture festival.”

“The design was elaborated during a parametric design workshop specifically geared towards its production. We were faced with the harsh requirements of creating an actually working design with the material and tools available from sponsors… Therefore we constrained the creative exploration agenda to a relatively limited approach which was scalable in terms of materials and fabrication techniques. The final design consists of 746 unique pieces, which, … allowed for the sheltering of the different planned events while at the same time inciting curiosity through its unusual, spectacular form.”

“The actual assembly process wouldn’t have been possible without the team of students which volunteered to help. As an educational exercise it completed the design phase and proved to be invaluable in terms of actually understanding and working with the constraints encountered in real-life. Varying material thickness (and subsequent extra flexibility and less joint stiffness), rain and wind posed many challenges which had to be resolved on-site as quickly as possible so as to meet the assembly deadline.”

“The ZA11 Pavilion emerged as a powerful urban attractor which managed to engage the local society on all levels. Interest was aroused in both young and senior citizens, both professionals and non-architects by the completed pavilion as well as during the act of its construction, thus proving to be more than an indifferent temporary shelter. Furthermore, it successfully provided a flexible and comfortable space for the different events pertaining to the event (temporary bookshop, open-air cinema, tea party, jam sessions and a small concert + sleeping in the sun) to unfold.” 

Check out more of Dimitrie’s work here & here

All text and images via: PlusMood


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