Office Space- Academy of Art University Studio

Check out today’s project, a design/build studio from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  The project was conceived when the professors friend came to them about buying a prefabricated structure to use as a home office space.  The professors realized that this would be a perfect scenario for a design/build studio, and the friend allowed them to use it as their semester studio.  The final project eventually won a citation from the AIA East Bay.
STUDENTS: Justin Ackerman, Mary Telling, Justin Hanan, Shaum Mehra and Shanay Moghbel
PROFESSORS: Greg Upwall, Jennifer Asselstine
SCHOOL: Academy of Art University 

A diagram of the construction of the project.

The project was part of a graduate architecture studio, and green design was always part of the design process.  “Sustainability was the focus because Greg Upwall does not teach anything that does not consider this approach,” Asselstine said. “Sustainability starts with questioning what we do and how we do it.”  Through those questions, students chose the best construction, insulation, lighting and more to suit the site.

A view of the completed project.

The students not only created a piece of great design, but took the client’s needs into the equation as well, as any design should.  They created custom furniture within the structure, and provided a small lounge area, giving the office space  the ability to work as a family space as well.

Check out more at the Academy of Art’s website.


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