FLOTSAM – Andreas Hoerl – University of Innsbruck

Just as F+ was started as a platform to explore and showcase the works of students to the community of the internet.  Andreas Hoerl made it his thesis work at the University of Innsbruck.  His conceptual design was to create a floating gallery that would allow students and architects to showcase their projects.  The project is placed in the unrest of tidal waters, bringing about the intriguing relationship that architecture and design are also always in a state of flux.  Here is what Andreas Hoerl, from the University of Innsbruck, had to say about his thesis project titled Flotsam.

STUDENTS: Andreas Hoerl
SCHOOLS: University of Innsbruck
CLASS: Graduate Thesis

 “ The idea is to create a stage for architects/students to make architecture accessible to a bigger audience. Therefore the architecture itself and the exposed projects are the mediators. Space is made aware during examining architecture.

The space that we inhabit is focused, space that offers but also forces itself to the user. Architecture to raise perception, architecture as a challenge of perception.

The name Flotsam, becomes program. Flotsam as definition of its function, constant floating in a changing environment, resting-place for futuristic fragments of architectural flotsam from the continent.

Flosam is a swimming space, for places without places, relied on its own, self-contained, a reservoir for imagination.”


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