Oceanagraphic Research Facility – Steven Gminski, Wentworth

Today’s project is an oceanographic research facility, designed by Stephen Gminski at Wentworth.  The project aims to create a link between the sea and the land, allowing visitors to enter the realm of the water, through educational programs within the research facility, located in the middle of Boston Harbor.

: East Boston
SCHOOL: Wentworth Institute of Technology
YEAR: 5th year Design Studio

Located on the edge of East Boston, capturing views of Boston and Charlestown, and representing itself as a beacon to the harbor, the proposal is an oceanographic research facility.  Three main goals of the project were education, research, and outreach.  Educating visitors and people of the area, research facility for the harbor environment, and outreaching view into the harbor.  The overall design is to have the anchoring building on land linked to the research facility by the means of a pedestrian bridge.  Arriving on land, visitors would drop off their belongings and proceed down the bridge as they make the journey off of land to the water to explore the exhibits and the interactive labs from the research of the Boston harbor. 

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