The Circus on the Edge- Guillermo Bernal, Pratt Institute

Today we are coming at you with a project that pushes the boundaries of parametric and algorithmic architecture into a growing and responsive system.  The project is designed to move and grow with the ebb and flow of the everyday life, and thrives on the edge to create new connections and paths as it begins to weave and fragment the spaces of everyday life.  The thesis provokes a philosophical conversation of what it means to connect the old with today’s reality; with these temporary fragments that are dictated by this uncomfortable fluctuation of an invasive mechanical design.

STUDENTS:  Guillermo Bernal
PROFESSORS:  Yael Erel and Christoph Kumpusch
SCHOOLPratt Institute
CLASS: Thesis
YEAR: 2009-2010

“The Circus on the Edge is not one complete city, but a constantly moving and fleeting fragment. Acting as an agent for change, it provides an instant dynamic system for the production of new urban and cultural space, seemingly disintegrating and connecting the local and global, and the real and not so real. The reciprocal relationship between Circus and everyday life becomes a state where society can negotiate its own future.

The project is located primarily in a decaying city. The Circus on the edge makes do with what it finds, enveloping and adapting found structures, resources and technologies to infiltrate, innovate and construct space for community, as well as community itself, in unusual and provisional ways. It also intends to confront creation with the public, in all of its diversity and contradictions, as well as its occasional tensions, and to confront it with the public space, as well as its complexity and richness.

A creative aid and distribution platform, the nomadic equipment can be positioned as momentary anchoring ,  Their goal is both to situate themselves on the exterior in order to open new trails, and to weave, or even to repair certain links.  To put holes in the public space using the invasive, nomadic presence of the war machine or any other technique of sudden appearance invades and overcomes everyday life.”

Check out the rest of Guillermo’s pics for the project, and more projects here:!__page-3

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