Quad Space Home- Buffalo

We’re bringing you another thesis today.  This one from 4 master’s students at University of Buffalo.  They purchased an uncared for home in Buffalo’s Black Rock district, for only $6K and turned it into a 4 bedroom home, interpreting the building code into parameters to influence their design. Check out how Michael-John Bailie, Paul Dudkowski, Ernest Ng and Dan Stripp were  able to construct an actual house for their master’s thesis.

STUDENTS:  Michael-John Bailie, Paul Dudkowski, Ernest Ng and Dan Stripp
SCHOOL: State University of New York at Buffalo
YEAR: Thesis

The project takes an old, uninhabited, run down home in a Buffalo neighborhood, and using minimal expenses, revitalizes it, and creates a welcoming space.  The finished building is only 700 square feet, so smart use of space was key for the team when they set out on the project.  To create a more usable space, the team decided to insert 4 volumes, each a bedroom.  These volumes were the smallest possible size for a bedroom allowable by New York State, at 7′ x 7′ x 7.5′.   These are the wooden spaces that protrude from the original volume of the home.   These spaces also shift in section to define space underneath, and above them.  

via MyNinjaPlease

Concept Diagram

The team used very minimal material choices, finding what they could at scrap yards and other secondhand sources.  The plywood of the boxes is carried inside, as well as the use of black steel for other, contrasting elements.

Inside the house, wood and painted black steel compliment each other

Other details like a claw-foot tub, fixtures and the kitchen sink were all purchased at a nonprofit Buffalo reuse shop, which takes fixtures and things from demolished homes and resells them for low cost.

Inside, the color palette continues, with wood paneling, grey painted floors, and black steel.

At a final of 700 square feet, the project cost the team $36,000, which may seem pricey to make a thesis, but is an insanely great deal in terms of a new, contemporary, personalized home.  Currently 3 of the team lives there, and say that although small, it is still very comfortable.  They plan on renting it out to 3 current student’s from the University of Buffalo’s SoA, and are looking forward to receiving criticism from others within the field.

The other side of the first floor, a lounge area and dining area.


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