Weekend Studio Break!

Hopefully this weekend we can show you something that will pique your interest while you unwind. Consider the Following:

  • This is the trailer for Magic Trip, a movie about Ken Kesey’s famous road trip across america back in the 60s and its in theaters now.  If you’re into Jack Kerouac or ‘”On the Road” definitely check this out.                              
  • Here’s some pretty amazing water color paintings. you can watch the entire process sped up and with some pretty interesting music.                   
  • How ’bout some music:                                                                                         If you haven’t already heard about it check out the Indie Rock Playlist.  They publish a monthly playlist you can check out and hopefully discover some pretty awesome bands.  http://theindierockplaylist.com/                                                                   Another great site is bandcamp.  here you can listen to tons of great songs and even purchase them straight from the artist. what’s pretty cool is that some bands ask you pay whatever you want for their songs or albums. http://bandcamp.com/      And if live music is more your thing check out the Etree, with their user submitted live concert recordings you can find a lot of good quality recordings, especially phish. http://bt.etree.org/
  • Whether you need inspiration or a break take a look at some  work by other students in the visual arts. Behance SVA Portfolios
  • And if you have time to kill you can check out these online comics.             Explosm                                                                                                  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal                                                             Amazing Super Powers

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